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Branding, UI/UX


Creation of visual identity and website for Understudy Studio. Research, development of logo and visual element concepts, creation of a landing page integrating the visual identity and web development of the landing page.

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UI/UX, Branding


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Visus is a trendy eco-responsible eyewear brand created in 2023, aiming to compete with Jimmy Fairly. The mobile e-commerce app allows users to browse different models, try them on using augmented reality, or find a nearby store to try them on physically. The app also offers a personalized profile based on user preferences and vision needs, allowing for a more targeted selection of glasses. This project was completed in collaboration with Lou-Ann Achour.

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Branding, Art Direction

Maison Daguier

The branding of the 'Maison Daguier' brand aims to create a captivating visual identity that highlights the craftsmanship and products made with love. The imagotipo features an illustration of Cupid holding a heart, symbolizing the brand's passion and expertise in pastry. The Lovelace typography, with its delicate curves and fluid lines, adds a touch of sophistication that reflects Mr. Daguier's dedication. The primary colors, white and black, are chosen to create a modern, elegant, and refined visual aesthetic. The contrast between these colors creates a strong visual presence, accentuating the illustrations inspired by cross-stitch patterns.