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Art Direction

Thesis Objeta

This project explores the objectification of women in Western society through the creation of four visual artifacts. Each artifact represents a distinct form of objectification, emphasizing the need for critical examination and societal transformation. The multifunctional fitment embodies the myth of the perfect woman, reflecting the pressure on women to fulfill multiple roles simultaneously. The double-sided glass symbolizes the eroticization of the female body in commercial packaging. A vase of flowers challenges the mistreatment of the female sexual organ, presenting it as a divine and sacred symbol of empowerment. Lastly, a porcelain tea service with a printed pornographic image confronts societal norms, highlighting the devaluation of the female body. Through these visual representations, the project aims to foster dialogue, provoke critical thought, and raise awareness about the consequences of objectifying women

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Branding, Art Direction

Maison Daguier

The branding of the 'Maison Daguier' brand aims to create a captivating visual identity that highlights the craftsmanship and products made with love. The imagotipo features an illustration of Cupid holding a heart, symbolizing the brand's passion and expertise in pastry. The Lovelace typography, with its delicate curves and fluid lines, adds a touch of sophistication that reflects Mr. Daguier's dedication. The primary colors, white and black, are chosen to create a modern, elegant, and refined visual aesthetic. The contrast between these colors creates a strong visual presence, accentuating the illustrations inspired by cross-stitch patterns.