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Branding, UI/UX


Creation of visual identity and website for Understudy Studio. Research, development of logo and visual element concepts, creation of a landing page integrating the visual identity and web development of the landing page.

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Art Direction

Thesis Objeta

This project explores the objectification of women in Western society through the creation of four visual artifacts. Each artifact represents a distinct form of objectification, emphasizing the need for critical examination and societal transformation. The multifunctional fitment embodies the myth of the perfect woman, reflecting the pressure on women to fulfill multiple roles simultaneously. The double-sided glass symbolizes the eroticization of the female body in commercial packaging. A vase of flowers challenges the mistreatment of the female sexual organ, presenting it as a divine and sacred symbol of empowerment. Lastly, a porcelain tea service with a printed pornographic image confronts societal norms, highlighting the devaluation of the female body. Through these visual representations, the project aims to foster dialogue, provoke critical thought, and raise awareness about the consequences of objectifying women

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UI/UX, Branding


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Visus is a trendy eco-responsible eyewear brand created in 2023, aiming to compete with Jimmy Fairly. The mobile e-commerce app allows users to browse different models, try them on using augmented reality, or find a nearby store to try them on physically. The app also offers a personalized profile based on user preferences and vision needs, allowing for a more targeted selection of glasses. This project was completed in collaboration with Lou-Ann Achour.

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Francesca Woodman - Monography

This graphic design project highlights the monograph of Francesca Woodman through a two-column layout. An invisible grid is used to ensure precise alignment of the graphic elements. The color palette primarily focuses on black and white, creating a sober and cohesive aesthetic that reflects the artistic essence of her work. This visual approach provides an immersive reading experience, allowing readers to dive into Woodman's distinctive visual universe.

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Creative Coding

Kinetic Music

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JavaScript, P5.js

This project is an interactive music visualization that animates graphics in response to the amplitude of the music. It uses the track "Baiao Destemperado" by Barbatuques as the default music for the visualization.

→Interactive Visualization: The project creates a dynamic, interactive visualization that reacts to the rhythm of the music.
→Music Reactive: The visualization changes in response to the amplitude level of the music, creating a unique visual experience that syncs with the audio.
→Easy to Use: Simply click on the screen to start the animation and click again to pause the music and the animation.

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Packaging, Editorial

Feminae Oracle

This project presents an oracle that is designed to celebrate the important women in our lives and the role they play in guiding and nurturing us. The oracle aims to rescue the memory of these women from obscurity and to serve as a source of inspiration and empowerment for other women. The oracle takes the form of a book that is packaged in a unique and meaningful way, allowing for an interactive experience. The book contains illustrations and stories of important women from history, as well as interactive elements such as questions and prompts that allow the reader to reflect on their own personal experiences. This oracle is a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery, and serves as a reminder of the invaluable contributions of women throughout history.

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Mario Sorrenti - Monography 1
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Mario Sorrenti - Monography 3
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Mario Sorrenti - Monography

The monograph of photographer MARIO SORRENTI has been conceived as a unique publication with a dual purpose. Designed as a photobook, it allows the expansive pages to showcase his work chronologically, while the smaller pages narrate his story. This format creates a dynamic and fluid publication, offering a comprehensive visual and narrative experience. The combination of these two formats in a single editorial piece achieves a harmonious balance between the visual and narrative aspects of the monograph. The meticulous design and chronological layout provide a captivating and immersive reading experience, enabling readers to explore and comprehend Mario Sorrenti's creative evolution.

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Branding, Art Direction

Maison Daguier

The branding of the 'Maison Daguier' brand aims to create a captivating visual identity that highlights the craftsmanship and products made with love. The imagotipo features an illustration of Cupid holding a heart, symbolizing the brand's passion and expertise in pastry. The Lovelace typography, with its delicate curves and fluid lines, adds a touch of sophistication that reflects Mr. Daguier's dedication. The primary colors, white and black, are chosen to create a modern, elegant, and refined visual aesthetic. The contrast between these colors creates a strong visual presence, accentuating the illustrations inspired by cross-stitch patterns.

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Las Chiguitas

The packaging design pays tribute to the women of Bergasa, La Rioja, known as "Las Chiguitas," who harvested the vines in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War. Despite being left alone in the fields, these women were responsible for cultivating the vines in a natural way to ensure their growth and self-preservation. This label design draws on the rich history of these women, and is based on a collage composition of photographs from 1909, taken from my own family archives. Through this nostalgic nod to the past, the design brings a touch of the past into the present, celebrating the bravery and resilience of these women.